March 18-19, 2017, Santa Clara Marriott

Artist Alley


Artist Alley is back for 2017!

This page is for general information on Artist Alley.

How do I apply?

We are moving our registration system to Eventbrite and changing to a first come, first serve selection progress. Artist Alley Regisration will be on a separate page from Attendee Registration, so if you are an Artist or Helper, you will need to buy your tables and badges on the Artist Alley Registration page.

Artist Alley badges will be sold separately from tables at AOD 2017. Each table can have up to two Artists and two Helpers. The Artist that purchases the table will be known as the Primary Artist, and if an additional artist is added to the table by the Primary Artist they will be known as the Secondary Artist.

You must first have a table before you can buy an Artist Alley badge. You will need to give a valid table confirmation order number when you register for a Primary Artist, Secondary Artist, or Helper badge. To ensure that things run smoothly, please purchase ONLY a table first, before purchasing your badge(s) in a separate later transaction.

In order to participate in Artist Alley, you MUST have a valid Artist Alley badge associated with a verified table group. All Artist Alley badges that do not match with a valid table by the day of the con will be voided without refund and cannot be used to attend AOD.

Artist Alley Registration for AOD 2017 will open on November 21, 2016 at 8:00 pm PST.

The Artist Alley Registration page can be found here: AOD 2017 Artist Alley Registration

What's the waitlist policy?

If you are unable to get a table before they sell out, you can put yourself on the waitlist through the Eventbrite registration page.

If you are waitlisted for a table, you cannot and should not purchase an Artist Alley badge until you are confirmed for a table. You are free to purchase a regular Attendee badge to attend AOD, but please note that you will not be allowed to participate in Artist Alley without a valid Artist Alley badge. All Artist Alley badges that do not match with a valid table by the day of the con will be voided without refund and cannot be used to attend AOD.

If someone withdraws their registration, fails to pay, does not provide a valid Arist Alley badge, misses the paperwork deadline, etc., then their table may be forfeit and offered to those on the waiting list. Additional tables may also be added in the future, pending layout changes.

You will be contacted through your provided email address if you make it off the waitlist. You will have 24 hours to respond, otherwise we may give your table to the next person.

Individual positions on the waitlist will not be released. We will only take waitlist requests via Eventbrite.

What are the selling regulations/terms and conditions?

Please refer to the Artist Alley Agreement for specific selling regulations, and terms and conditions. All participating Artists will need to sign and turn in this Agreement to participate in AOD Artist Alley.

I have additional questions about signing up for Artist Alley!

Be sure to check out the AOD 2017 Artist Alley Registration page, as there is more specific information about registration and additional FAQs.

We will update this page with further information later, including set-up hours, map, and a list of participating Artists.


If you have questions about AOD 2017 Artist Alley, please write in to