San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!

January 25 & 26, 2014
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport


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2014 Registration

Attendee Registration
Register at the Convention! Online sales have ended, but at-door registration is still available.

Pre-Show Entertainment

Swap Meet
Friday night Swap Meet, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm!

Friday night Speedrunning demonstration, starting at 8:30pm!

Charity Auction

at AOD

Quick Facts

  • Saturday, January 25, 5pm
  • Live Events 1, downstairs
  • We will have a while variety of items, some small, some large.
  • Come on down, and bid!

AOD has a tradition of raising money for charity through its Charity Auctions. Over the last several years, our donors have provided consoles, posters, artwork, video games, music, autographs, recordings, and coaching sessions, all with the intent of helping out our charitable causes.

As always, 100% of proceeds from the Charity Auction are donated directly to our beneficiaries.

Featured Items

Last year, Sega of America donated an extremely rare collector's statue. This was originally issued for the 10th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Only 500 of these were ever made. Sega of America kept 5 of them. We auctioned one of these from last year. This year, they are generously donating another Sonic statue for the AOD Charity Auction. This is a mint condition figure, still in its original box. Because they were only created in a limited quantity, they are extremely rare to even see available for auction, but you will be able to bid on this at AOD.
(Click photo to enlarge) (Photo Credit: Sega of America)

This is an extremely rare Happy Tree Friends display item, featuring Nutty the squirrel, and Flippy the bear. As the label indicates, there were only 480 of these items produced, and they were exclusively available at San Diego Comic-Con 2007.
This item autographed by Happy Tree Friends Story Editor and Writer Ken Pontac and Director Kenn Navarro. Because of the exclusive and limited run, this item is normally very difficult to obtain without the use of time travel, but we can feature this here at AOD.
(Click photo to enlarge) (Photo Credit: Ken Pontac)

Also from Sega of America, we have a Sonic Ring! More precisely, we have a Sonic 10th Anniversary Collector’s Silver Ring. Highly limited and individually numbered, these silver rings were sold in 2001 as collector’s items to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is ring #386.
(Click photo to enlarge) (Photo Credit: Sega of America)

Coming back for their fourth year, we are bring back mystery packs. In previous years, some of the mysteries have been video games, collectables, and bacon. What will be in this year's mystery packs? Candy? More Video Games? Chocolate? Cash? The only way to know for sure it to make a bid!

Are you a fan of Sega, but cannot go for the exclusive items? Do you like coffee or tea? We have the item for you. This metallic blue SEGA thermal mug was a Christmas Gift to employees in the mid 2000’s. For the SEGA collector who wants a piece of exclusive merchandise, or for anyone looking for a shiny way to safely drink some hot chocolate in the winter months.
(Click photo to enlarge)
(Photo Credit: Sega of America)

From AOD Guest of Honor Melissa Hutchison, we are proud to present a poster of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. Not only that, but this is an autographed poster from Melissa herself! Be sure to bid on this unique merchandise!
(Click photo to enlarge)
(Photo Credit: Melissa Hutchison)

This is Ken Pontac. Man. Guest. Legend.
If you know him from his work on Happy Tree Friends, from his writing panels, or from his championship at Cards Against Humanity, this prize is a special treat. This item is for either a lunch date with Ken, or (if you're over 21) a karaoke session at Mint in SF. Unique cannot begin to describe this item. Bid now for what should be an amazing experience.
(Click photo to enlarge. Seriously. Do this.)
(Photo Credit: Ken Pontac)
(Tub not included with this auction item)

More items, still coming!

If you are interested in contributing an item for the Charity Auction, we are happy to work with you.
This is a special way to provide an awesome item to a collector fan, while doing something good for charity.

For further details about contributing, including deadlines, please let us know!

Silent and Sealed Bids

If you are interested in submitting bids before the live auction, contact us and we can work with you.

About Our Home Charity

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California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences is the only place in the world to combine a natural history museum, aquarium, planetarium and world-class research facility under one roof. All housed in the world's largest public green building topped with a 2.5 acre living roof, it blends seamlessly into San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Park. The Academy will inspire lifelong curiosity for the natural world as you experience the depths of a Philippine coral reef, climb into the canopy of a Costa Rican rainforest and fly to the outer reaches of the Universe.

Our Previous Auctions

For more information on our previous Charity Auctions at AOD, please see our charity history page.


If you have any inquiries, questions, or are Michelle O., please drop us a line.