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Charity Auction

at AOD

Quick Facts

  • Sunday, February 1, 2pm
  • Events 1, downstairs
  • We will have a while variety of items, some small, some large.
  • Come on down, and bid!

AOD has a tradition of raising money for charity through its Charity Auctions. Over the last several years, our donors have provided consoles, posters, artwork, video games, music, autographs, recordings, and coaching sessions, all with the intent of helping out our charitable causes.

Featured Items

This is a special branded Xbox 360, in the Crunchyroll design and color scheme. The console itself is in pristine condition, with the box only opened once for this particular photo. The console itself has brand new. Only three of these special 360's exist & you have a chance to own one of them! Because these were only created in a limited quantity, they are extremely rare to even see available for auction, but you will be able to bid on this at AOD.
(Click photo to enlarge) (Photo Credit: Crunchyroll)

Are you a fan of Blizzard? Did you go to BlizzCon? From BlizzCon, this is a set of two posters, both signed. One is a Hearthstone poster, and one is for Diablo III. These are signed by developers, and so if you're looking for a rare collectable from a game you like, why not bid?
(Click photo to enlarge)

AOD Guest of Honor Wenqing Yan will be holding a live art demonstration at AOD, building, coloring, and shading a unique piece of artwork, all live! This auction item will be for a copy of the artwork created.
Yuumei will also be donating FIVE prints from her collection. We've combined them into a separate auction item, so you can take home something tangible from a wonderful and talented artist.
(Click photo to enlarge) (Illustration Credit: Yuumei)

This limited edition Crunchyroll Backpack is jam-pack full of ~TONS~ of anime goodies! From movies to books to figures & we have even thrown in a bonus signed item! Who knows what you'll find in your mystery bag! All we can tell you is that there is a poster and a nice backpack.
(Click photo to enlarge)
(Photo Credit: Crunchyroll)

This is for a Pokemon necklace of the bidder's choice. Kindaholt Custom Design creates many pieces of artwork, including necklaces upcycled from Pokemon cards. If you are Pokemon fan looking for something unique, bid now. The picture above is an Eevee example, but you can choose the character you wish. The item itself will be made after AOD, and delivered after the show.
(Click photo to enlarge)
(Photo Credit: Kindaholt Custom Design)

This is a press kit for the SEGA game 'Alien: Isolation'. It is a unique box set, consisting of the PS4 Edition of the game (Nostromo version), an Art Book, a T-Shirt, and a small Robot that doubles as a USB Flash Drive. This was unavailable at retail stores, but it is available to you with a simple bid.
(Click photo to enlarge)
(Photo Credit: SEGA of America)

This limited edition Crunchyroll Backpack is jam-pack full of ~TONS~ of anime goodies! From movies to books to figures & we have even thrown in a bonus signed item! Who knows what you'll find in your mystery bag! This item is so secret, we can't tell you anything more about it!
(Click photo to enlarge)
(Photo Credit: Crunchyroll)

Coming back for their fifth year, we are bring back mystery packs. In previous years, some of the mysteries have been video games, collectibles, and bacon. What will be in this year's mystery packs? Candy? More Video Games? Chocolate? Cash? The only way to know for sure it to make a bid!

From 'Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing' is a very limited edition statue of Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue in his special forklift. Only a handful of statues were ever created, and this is a chance to get one of your very own. Great for fans of Shenmue or Sega. (The forklift will be able to hold the Shenmue disc, in case you were wondering.)
(Click photo to enlarge)
(Photo Credit: SEGA of America)

Do you like Nintendo apes? This is a pair of Amiibos, one for Michael BoltonDiddy Kong, and one for Donkey Kong. This is perfect for those who play Smash. The Donkey Kong amiibo will unlock a special suit in Mario Kart 8 as well!
(Click photo to enlarge)

This is a set of exclusive capsule toys, only available from the machines at BlizzCon 2014. So, unless you have a time machine, this is your best chance to obtain a complete set. This auction item is for the complete Capsule Toy Series 2, including Malthael, Skeleton King, Nova, Zeratul, Tyrande, and Illidan.
(Click photo to enlarge)
(Photo Credit: Bryce Masunaga)

This is a t-shirt from one of our artists, Mega Negi. This is a special design for convention, in a rather stylish color scheme.
(Click photo to enlarge)

AOD Guest of Honor Little Kuriboh will be contributing two different items to the auction. Bidders can bid on a special Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged T-shirt, or a Yu-Gi-Oh posters signed by the man himself!
(Click photo to enlarge)

Do you like things that are orange? This is a pair of Amiibos, one for Samus, and one for Bowser. This is perfect for those who play Smash or Mario Kart. Both of these are somewhat tricky to find in stores, so if you want your hands on one immediately, and if you want to support a good cause, please come down and bid.
(Click photo to enlarge)


More items, still coming!

Contribute to the Auction

If you are interested in contributing an item for the Charity Auction, we are happy to work with you.
This is a special way to provide an awesome item to a collector fan, while doing something good for charity.

For further details about contributing, including deadlines, please let us know!

Silent and Sealed Bids

If you are interested in submitting bids before the live auction, contact us and we can work with you.

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Our Previous Auctions

For more information on our previous Charity Auctions at AOD, please see our charity history page.


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