San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!

January 31-February 1, 2015
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport

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Event Application Information for AOD 2015

Event applications are now open!  Please read the general information below.

In general, we will be looking for proposals for the following categories related to video games, anime, and American cartoons:

  • General topics directly related to video games, anime, and American cartoons
  • Career/skills development 
  • Fandom/lifestyle 
  • Performance events 
  • Inspired arts and interests

From year to year, we may feature different themes or tracks, but you are always welcome to submit anything that fits the above categories. Due to venue space limitations, we regret that we will not be able to accept or respond to all proposals.

We do anticipate a full schedule this year, so if you want to run an event, we highly recommend that you apply soon!

What Information Will I Need To Provide?

To ensure that your event application is reviewed in the most timely manner possible, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Real names of speakers/performers (We will publish stage names if provided and requested)
  • A brief synopsis of your event
  • Time slots desired (available times will be 10AM to 11PM Saturday, and 10AM to 4 PM Sunday)
  • Your qualifications for hosting the event
  • If you are a performer, link to a previous video performance
  • Tech requirements, including type of input for projector (HDMI, VGA, etc)
  • An image or picture related to your event (OPTIONAL)

Badge Policy for Speakers and Performers

As a courtesy, speakers and performers will receive a free badge for the day of their panel. Those who run two different panels get a free badge for the entire convention. Speakers/Performers who claim their badges and then do not show up for their panel may be banned from hosting events at future AODs.

Please note that badges are limited to the actual speakers or on stage performers. We are no longer able to provide passes for "helpers" or "photographers."  

Event Proposal Form

To submit your event request, fill out the form below. Once submitted, AOD Event Scheduling staff will review your Proposal and if your proposal is accepted, follow up with you for further details.

    About Your Event
  1. What kind of event is this? Choose one

  2. Please describe the panel, aiming for around 50 words. This summary will be posted to the web site. If submitted in time, it will also be printed in the program guide. We reserve the right to edit summaries.


    The real names of ALL panelists are needed. If you wish to be listed by your fan names, please include that information as well.

  3. A valid email address is needed so we can contact you.

  4. Brief summary of your qualifications and experience in the subject matter. If you've done this event before at a previous AOD, just say which AOD. If your are a performer, please include a video link to one of your performances.

    Time Slot

    Please list three preferred time slots.

  5. Please specify length of event. By default all events start on the hour and end 10 minutes before the next event, to allow for changeover.

    Technical Requirements

    Please specifically request each item you need. Do not assume any equipment will be otherwise present.

  6. Please list any video or audio adapters you will need (e.g. VGA, HDMI, headphone jack)

    Additional Info/Requests

    Please specify any additional detail/information that we should know for your event.

Questions or Comments?

Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns.