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Staff Positions

We are looking for responsible, passionate, dedicated people to help AOD grow and expand. If you share an interest in anime/animation/cartoons and are interested in helping out with a dynamic, exciting event, then read on! Staff have greater responsibility than Volunteer Helpers, who only help out during the convention, not before like Staff do.

What Do Staff Do?

Staff plan, organize, and run the many events and functions that make up AOD. Aside from a few benefits (listed below), staff positions are not paid. We are a not-for-profit event, and exist solely due to the efforts of those individuals who freely and generously give their time and effort so that this convention might flourish.


New staff will join a team of hardworking, organized, dedicated community members who contribute many hundreds of hours of professional-level work before, during, and after the events to create AOD. Staff must be at least 18 years of age, although exceptions can be made in certain circumstances. Staff members must expect to be working 6-8 hours each event day, as well as attending some meetings and preparation sessions before and after the event dates. Department heads set their staff schedules, so there is flexibility in hours worked, but staff must be on-site at minimum 8 hours each event day. Previous customer service or event staffing experience is helpful, but not required.


As a thank you for volunteering so much hard work, AOD extends some benefits to staff members. AOD will gladly serve as a reference on resumes for staff who have completed their service in good standing. Additionally, staff members have their parking costs reimbursed, have free access to attend AOD events while not on duty, and can have priority access to certain events and giveaways. Staff who serve multiple years in good standing may be eligible for free hotel room for the duration of the event.

"Ok, I'm perfect for this! How do I sign up?"

We are now accepting applications for AOD staff! Positions are available in many departments. Please use the form below to apply.

AOD Staffing Application

Thank you for your interest in helping out with AOD. Please take the time to fully answer the following questions so we can get a chance to know you better. Your responses will be made available to our event leads who are looking for help in their areas. If there is a match, they will contact you directly. Thanks!

    Basic Information

  1. If you are interested in staffing a specific department or event, please let us know here. Note: We are not able to guarantee assignment with any particular department or event. It's okay to have no preference.

  2. Educational Background

  3. What areas are you studying, majoring in, or holding a degree in?


  4. Describe briefly your professional work experience (work you received actual pay or compensation for). Or, you may paste your professional resume in this field.

  5. Describe briefly your experience with any professional, service, or civic organizations you've been a member of.

  6. Describe briefly your experience with staffing or volunteering for fandom-based conventions or events (anime, sci-fi, comics, video games, or any hobby)

  7. Describe briefly your experience, if any, with staffing or volunteering for events that are not fan-based conventions (street fairs, community events, trade shows, school club sponsored events, etc)