San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!


Events at AOD 2015

As the San Francisco Animation Convention featuring cartoons, Japanese animation, video games, and everything related, we feature many exciting things for this year's convention! Check out our dozens of exciting events as you customize your AOD experience. 

AOD at Nite

Cosplayers having fun at AOD 2012

AOD at Nite is back for its fifth year! Check out this awesome blend of late-night events. Stay after dinner, stay the night, and enjoy our outstanding selction of night events!

Artist Alley

In room Exhibit Hall.
Categorized as Shopping.

For a list of all of our artists, and a map of the room, please see our Artist Alley page.

Our Artist Alley features the best local community artists. They come to show off their work, take commissions, and make a name for themselves. We provide a casual atmosphere where you interact with the artists one-on-one, so you work with them, and maybe even learn something new. The Artist Alley is located within the Dealers Room at 2015, and shares the same open hours.

Charity Auction

Auctioneer Scott Rux and AOD 2012 Guest of Honor Stephanie Sheh
With AOD Staff.
Sun at 2 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Events 1.
Categorized as Shopping.

AOD is proud to help raise funds for community causes. Our staff, our guests of honor, and our friends in the industry have all given their time and items to the Charity Auction. Each year, the items range from the unique, to the mysterious, to the out-of-print and the absolutely surprising. Posters, DVDs, signed artwork, video games, voice work, consoles, collectables, and even intangible things, it's all here. Place your bids at the Charity Auction and support a good cause! Read more about AOD's charity work.

AOD's home charities are the California Academy of Sciences and San Francisco Suicide Prevention.
The California Academy of Sciences ( is the fantastic and educational home of the Steinhart Aquarium, Kimball Natural History Museum, Morrison Planetarium, all located in beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
San Francisco Suicide Prevention ( provides emotional support, education, assistance and intervention as necessary to all persons in crisis and those impacted by them, with the goal of reducing suicides and self-destructive behaviors.
AOD is proud to support both of these worthy causes.

For a list of items available in the auction, please see our Charity Auction page.

Creative Events

One of the best parts of our fandom is how it inspires people to create. From Youtube videos to arts and crafts to fan fiction, our fandom is unique in the amount of content we create. If you're curious about how and why we create,  or are looking to level up your skills , these events are for you!

Dealers Room

In room Exhibit Hall.
Categorized as Shopping.

For a list of all of our dealers, and a map of the room, please see our Dealers Room page.

What would AOD be without the Dealers Hall? Going on strong with twelve sold out years in a row, the Dealers Hall is back with a vengeance, for another deal-packed exhibit extravaganza extraordinaire. The Dealers Room is open to the public on both days of the convention.

Events Featuring the Guests of Honor

Attendees having a great time at AOD 2011

Hear what our guests have to say, and meet them too! Starting with Opening Ceremonies and at events throughout the entire rest of the convention, our Guests show off new material, lead discussions about their work, share their industry insider knowledge, and meet with fans.


With Karaoke Kaizokudan.
Sat at 7 pm for 240 minutes.
In room Events 4.
Categorized as AOD at Nite.

We have open mic karaoke, featuring your favorite anime, video game, and j-rock/j-pop songs! Sing your heart out and cheer your friends on!


A Cosplayer at AOD 2014
With AOD Staff.
Sat at 7 pm for 120 minutes.
In room Events 1.
Categorized as AOD at Nite, Costuming.

Always a staple of AOD, costumers gather together to compete and show off their talents. Your favorite character, your own creation, or references to insane internet memes, we've seen it all compete on stage in the Masquerade costume contest, competing for the coveted "Best of Show" prize. This year's Best of Show receives $500, Runner-up Best of Show receives $250, and Best Construction/Best Presentation receive $125 each! All winning groups also receive trophies. 

Sign up for the Masquerade

Music & Performances

Attendees enjoying live video game music at AOD 2014

We've got a slew of talented performers to dazzle and amaze! This year AOD has not just one, but two stages for musical and other performances!

Opening Ceremonies

With AOD Staff, Jon St. John (Voice Actor), Ken Pontac (Writer), Kevin McKeever (Vice President of Marketing at Harmony Gold), Marianne Miller (Voice Actor), Martin Billany (aka Little Kuriboh) (Video Creator/Voice Actor), p19 (Artist/Ilustrator), Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer), Robbie Daymond (Voice Actor) & Wenqing Yan (aka Yuumei) (Artist and Designer).
Sat at 10 am for 60 minutes.
In room Events 1.
Categorized as Guests.

Bring along anyone who want to know what this whole Convention thing is about.  The Opening Ceremony is open to the public — no badge or registration is required.

Be the first to meet all of our awesome Guests of Honor.  You also get a preview of all the great music, events, panels, workshops, contests, artists, and prizes you'll be experiencing at AOD this weekend.


One vendor's toy selection

Between our Dealers Hall, which is always filled to the brim with unique and original vendors, the Artist Alley, where community artists gather to present their skills, and the Charity Auction, where exclusive items are sold to bidders eager to help a good cause, AOD is filled with one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities that you can't find anywhere else.

Speakers and Panels

We are featuring a selection of both industry and fan-run panels and presentations focusing on anime, video games, and other topics of related interest. 


Categorized as Gaming, Performances/Music.

If you love seeing video games played with speed, skill, and humor, speedrunning is for you. The concept of a speedrun is simple: players try to use every trick in the book (and some that were never in any book) to beat their favorite games in record times. If you've never seen The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time beaten in 18 minutes, or Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island completed in 2 hours, then you owe it to yourself to check out these performances! 

AOD is proud to host some of the leading voices in speedrunning: Trihex, Romscout, Spikevegeta, and more of your favorite speedrunning personalities are here to discuss their craft, share stories from the Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathons, and show off their well-honed skills!

Our Performers


Romscout is one of the premier ambassadors of the speedrunning community, serving both as the charity events manager at Twitch and as the event director of Games Done Quick. He specializes in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but he's known for letting down his hair and playing such legendary games as Lifeline and Ninja Baseball Bat Man.


Trihex is one of the best showmen in the business, known for his slick Yoshi's Island tricks as well as his smooth Jet Set Radio stylings—not to mention his occasional flashes of the gun show.


The velvety voice of Spikevegeta is a staple of every Awesome Games Done Quick marathon. When he's not reading donations or providing couch commentary, he can be found practicing his many speedruns and his trash talk at the same time. From Kingdom Hearts to Rayman to Final Fantasy, his shows are not to be missed!

View Speedrun Schedule

Tea Time Cafe

In room Maid Cafe.
Categorized as Costuming, Performances/Music.

Cafe hours are Saturday, 11am to 5pm, and Sunday, 11am to 3pm

Our Dearest Goshujinsama,

We are Tea Time Cafe, an Akihabara-style Maid and Butler Cafe! Our group is over 30 members strong, and it is our pleasure to not only bring the Maid Cafe culture of Japan to America, but to let people step away from the chaotic excitement of the convention for some rest and enjoy delicious food and play games with our beautiful maids and handsome butlers! Our mission is to simply create a fun, safe, and relaxing environment for all convention goers. We serve snacks and drinks, but more importantly our maids and butlers are there to serve and make sure you have smile on your face when you enter and leave our cafe. In so, we invite you to join us at AOD and have the amazing experience and the royal treatment. We eagerly await your arrival!

  • Purchase Online Tickets
    (or purchase tickets at the AOD Registration Desk)
  • Polaroid Pictures: $2 each
  • Raffle Tickets: 1 ticket = $1, 5 tickets = $3, 10 tickets = $5

Our raffle prize for this AOD is an Attack On Titan Nendoroid set which includes: Colossal Titan, Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin! We are announcing the winners on Sunday when the café closes at 3pm.

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Video Gaming

Having fun at AOD 2014

Do you miss that classic Arcade experience? Do you love playing games on PCs and Consoles? No matter what or how you play, AOD has something for you. The game room features both a coin op arcade as well as the latest console and PC games, in addition to your favorite retro classics.

Video Screenings

Screening at AOD2015 include Sword Art Online 2
Categorized as Anime.

AOD is screening an amazing variety of new and exclusive titles from the leading anime distributors.

Weiss Schwarz Card Game

Sat at 2 pm for 360 minutes.
In room Gaming Pavilion.
Categorized as Gaming.

Weiss Schwarz is an exciting card game that allows you to play your favorite Anime and Games against each other. If you have a deck, come on by and join our tournament to see if your waifu will reign supreme. If you know nothing about Weiss Schwarz and want to learn, there will also be lessons for newcomers to join the action! Weiss Schwarz will also be run Sunday afternoon.

The tournament will start at 2PM, and run until it's completed. Remaining time will be used for demos or casual play.

Tournament special rules: No Language Restriction, Neo-Standard Format