San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!

January 25 & 26, 2014
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport


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2014 Registration

Attendee Registration
Register at the Convention! Online sales have ended, but at-door registration is still available.

Pre-Show Entertainment

Swap Meet
Friday night Swap Meet, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm!

Friday night Speedrunning demonstration, starting at 8:30pm!


Events at AOD 2014

As the San Francisco Animation Convention featuring cartoons, Japanese animation, video games, and everything related, we feature many exciting things for this year's convention! Check out our dozens of exciting events as you customize your AOD experience. 

Anime Events

Check out these amazing Anime-themed panels, all talking about, analyzing, and looking into your favorite shows, and find out about new shows!

AOD at Nite

Cosplayers having fun at AOD 2012

AOD at Night is back for its fourth year! Check out this awesome blend of late-night events. Stay after dinner, stay the night, and enjoy our new track of night events!

Breaking Into Voice Acting

With Adam Harrington, Erik Braa & Owen Thomas.
Sun at 4 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Live Events 2.
Categorized as Career, Guests, Industry, Panels.

Think you've got what it takes to become a professional voice actor? Learn the ins and outs of starting your voice acting career (and get the inside scoop on some of your favorite video games) from veteran voice actors Adam Harrington, Erik Braa & Owen Thomas (of League of Legends/The Walking Dead/The Sims/The Wolf Among Us/Bioshock/Assassin's Creed/Monkey Island/Rift/The Godfather/Star Trek Online/Back to the Future/Many More) and hosts of the video game voice acting Q&A show: "In the Booth With Adam & Erik (Featuring Owen's Corner)" Find out what it takes to break into the video game voice acting business from the voices behind some of your favorite gaming characters!


Career Development

Tired of the daily grind? Turn your hobby into your job! Get paid to do what you're already doing for free! These events are for those interested in career development and jobs in the animation and video game industries.

Charity Auction

Auctioneer Scott Rux and AOD 2012 Guest of Honor Stephanie Sheh
Sat at 5 pm for 90 minutes.
In room Live Events 1.
Categorized as Industry, Shopping.

AOD is proud to help raise funds for community causes. Our staff, our guests of honor, and our friends in the industry have all given their time and items to the Charity Auction. Each year, the items range from the unique, to the mysterious, to the out-of-print and the absolutely surprising. Posters, DVDs, signed artwork, video games, voice work, consoles, collectables, and even intangible things, it's all here. Place your bids at the Charity Auction and support a good cause! Read more about AOD's charity work.

For AOD 2014, our home charity is the California Academy of Sciences. Most items from the Charity Auction will support this wonderful institution.

The California Academy of Sciences, located in San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Park, inspires lifelong curiosity for the natural world for its visitors. Home to Steinhart Aquarium, Kimball Natural History Museum, Morrison Planetarium, and world-class research and education programs, the California Academy of Sciences is one of San Francisco's most entertaining educational attractions.

Concert: Hideo

Sat at 3 pm for 60 minutes.
In room Main Stage.
Categorized as Performances/Music.

Team Hideo to return for their fourth year at AOD!

AOD 2014 is pleased to welcome Team Hideo – the group behind Hideo – A Theatrical Concert of Music from Japanese Animation and Video Games – back for their fourth year at the con for a special musical extravaganza!

Team Hideo gathers the best, most enthusiastic video game and/or anime-loving musicians, actors, and artists to produce all-original shows featuring video game and anime music performed live to a dramatic story.  Hideo was most recently on stage at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington as part of PAX Prime 2013 and the group has produced a 4-track studio EP, Songs from The Shiny Mug, and a 5-track live EP, An Evening at The Shiny Mug.  They also release original anime and game music arrangements along with the sheet music via their YouTube channel every two weeks.

In honor of AOD's new venue for 2014, Team Hideo asked their arranger to put together almost 20 new songs for a special hour-long concert of classic video game and anime tunes from such titles as Super Mario Bros., Cowboy Bebop, The Legend of Zelda, Chrono Cross, Mega Man 2 and 3, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania, and more.  Join us at 3pm on Saturday at the Main Stage, with a meet-and-greet to follow!

Costuming Events

Hall Cosplayers Showing Off

Always a staple of AOD, costumers gather together to compete and show off their talents. Your favorite character, your own creation, or references to insane internet memes, we've seen it all compete on stage in the Masquerade costume contest. But if that's too high-profile for you, there are also Hall Cosplay awards being handed out, and many other costuming events for our attendees.

Events Featuring the Guests of Honor

Attendees having a great time at AOD 2011

Hear what our guests have to say, and meet them too! Starting with Opening Ceremonies and at events throughout the entire rest of the convention, our Guests show off new material, lead discussions about their work, share their industry insider knowledge, and meet with fans. 

Gaming Discussions

Dancers trying to keep up on Dance Dance Revolution

Who here loves games? This is your chance to meet with game developers and producers as they talk about what they've done, what they're doing, and what they'd love to do. Come get the inside scoop on video games, from Indie to Franchise, at AOD. 

Greg And Jirard Get Schooled

With The Completionist & AOD Staff.
Sun at 10 am for 60 minutes.
In room Live Events 1.

The Completionist's Greg and Jirard go up against AOD's resident game show guru, Scott Rux.  Watch as Greg and Jirard battle each other in a series of quiz shows, videogame challenges, and whatever else Scott's twisted mind can think up. The winner will receive a wonderful prize, the loser will not be as fortunate.

Industry Events

Check out these one-of-a-kind opportunities to meet and talk with Animation Industry insiders, get the scoop on what's coming down the pipeline, and learn the tips and tricks of the trade!


Sat at 7 pm for 120 minutes.
In room Main Stage.
Categorized as Contests, Costuming.

Always a staple of AOD, costumers gather together to compete and show off their talents. Your favorite character, your own creation, or references to insane internet memes, we've seen it all compete on stage in the Masquerade costume contest, competing for the coveted "Best of Show" prize. This year's Best of Show receives $500, Runner-up Best of Show receives $250, and Best Construction/Best Presentation receive $125 each! All winning groups also receive trophies. [Masquerade Rules and Signup info]

Opening Ceremonies

With AOD Staff, Cristina Vee (Voice Actor), Ken Pontac (Writer), Martin Billany a.k.a. LittleKuriboh (Illustrator), Melissa Hutchison (Voice Actor), Michael Sinterniklaas (Voice Actor/Voice Director), Noelle Stevenson (Illustrator) & Tommy Yune (Creative Director at Harmony Gold USA).
Sat at 10 am for 60 minutes.
In room Main Stage.
Categorized as Guests.

Bring along anyone who want to know what this whole Convention things is about — the Opening Ceremony is open to the public — no badge or registration is required.

Be the first to meet all of our awesome Guests of Honor.  You also get a preview of all the great music, events, panels, workshops, contests, artists, and prizes you'll be experiencing at AOD this weekend.

PC and Console Gaming

Categorized as Video Gaming.

We feature consoles from nearly all eras of video gaming. Come and relax with a wide variety of games from old favorites or try something brand new. In addition to our selection of consoles, thanks to our sponsor Digital Storm, we also now have Gaming PCs where you can play favorites like World of Tanks, Team Fortress 2, and of course League of Legends! The PC & Console Gaming room is open for free play throughout the convention.

  • Saturday: 10am to Midnight
  • Sunday: 10am to 5pm

We also have a series of structured tournaments with prizes available.

Performances & Music

AOD 2013 attendees enjoying a show

One of our favorite AOD traditions are the unique and exciting musical concerts and other performances for our fans. With a slew of talented performers in the works, AOD 2014 is bringing a variety of cartoon, anime, and video game related performances to you.

Random Encounters' Video Game Musicals

With Random Encounters.
Sat at 7 pm for 90 minutes.
In room Live Events 1.
Categorized as Video Gaming, Performances/Music.

Zelda, Team Fortress 2, Pokémon and more get a Disney movie makeover as RANDOM ENCOUNTERS returns for a third year of Animation on Display! Watch your favorite video games become Broadway show-stoppers, from a Batman rock-opera to a Tim Burton-style Pac-Man musical! (Uncontrollable singalongs are totally welcome.)


One vendor's toy selection

Between our Dealers Hall, which is always filled to the brim with unique and original vendors, the Artist Alley, where community artists gather to present their skills, and the Charity Auction, where exclusive items are sold to bidders eager to help a good cause, AOD is filled with one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities that you can't find anywhere else.

Video Screenings

Screening at AOD2014
Categorized as Anime.

AOD is screening and amazing variety of new and exclusive titles. Check out these select anime and movies that we're able to bring to you.

Writing Workshops

Do your characters connect with your readers? Do your conflicts engage their emotions? Do your environments trigger their imaginations? If you're looking to take your writing to the next level, these events are for you: writers and people who love writing. Whether you are a published author or just like reading fanfics, AOD has a writing workshop for you!