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Hall Costuming Awards

With AOD Staff.
Sun at 3 pm for 30 minutes.
In room Events 4.
Categorized as Contests, Costuming.

For anyone who wears a costume to AOD, you are welcome to enter in our Hall Cosplay Contest!  The contest awards special prizes in two categories: Best Video Game Costume, and the Acme Award for the best costume from or inspired by a western cartoon.  The winners of each of these awards receive $100 cash and Best Video Game Costume will also win a copy of Demon Gaze from NIS America! If you love cosplay, make sure that our hall cosplay judges get you entered in the contest! The winners are announced at the Hall Cosplay awards on Sunday.

HOW TO ENTER: To enter, make sure our cosplay staffers in the bright blue vests get your picture and contact information at the con. As usual, they are roaming the halls of the convention, taking pictures and collecting some information from people wearing costumes. They are asking for your name, the character you are dressed as, and what the source is, and optionally you may give them your cell phone number or email (so we can contact winners).

  • Attendees may enter as many costumes as they are able to.
  • You must have a valid badge in order to enter.
  • If you do not give us a valid way to contact you, you forfeit your prize.
  • Costumes that win awards at the Masquerade are not eligible for Hall Costuming awards.
  • Cosplay Staff may not enter.

The winners are chosen by AOD Staff. Awards are given in the afternoon on Sunday. You must either be present or leave us a way to contact you to win; if not, then the next winner present or we have contact information for receives the award.

If you entered last year and didn't hear if you won anything because you weren't at the awards ceremony, please check with us this year! We still have some unclaimed hall cosplay awards!