San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!

January 31-February 1, 2015
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport

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Guest of Honor Events

For fans eager to learn our Guests unique insider perspectives into the cartoon, anime, and video games world, catching their discussions, tutorials, presentation, and panels is essential. 

A Pleasant Interlude With Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends
With Ken Pontac (Writer) & Warren Graff.
Also categorized as Industry, Panels.

Remember the first time you saw Happy Tree Friends, before you knew what the joke was? You kind of wondered what your friend who said, “Dude! You have to check this out!” was so excited about. It was just a bunch of cute little animals doing stupid things until, suddenly…something happened and you got the joke. Series writers Ken Pontac and Warren Graff LOVE to see people get the joke for the first time, so bring a friend who’s never seen the show, and blow their minds a little.

AOD Guests Play Cards Against Humanity! (18+)

Also categorized as AOD at Nite.

The title says it all! If you like Cards Against Humanity, this is not to be missed. Ken Pontac, last year's loser, returns to defend his title. Which of our other illustrious Guests of Honor will be up for the challenge?

How Does I Voice Act?

With Marianne Miller (Voice Actor).
Also categorized as Panels.

Come and find out helpful tips on creating healthy voices with Marianne Miller, professional voice actor and trained singer. This panel focuses on techniques on creating different characters that sound believable without ruining your vocal chords.

Ken Pontac And Jon St John Swap Stories and Exchange Fluids (18+)

Also categorized as AOD at Nite, Panels.

When the writer of MadWorld and Happy Tree Friends sits down with the voice of Duke Nukem and Big the Cat to swap war stories, you know sparks are gonna fly! Good thing the two animation veterans will each bring a bottle of their favorite libations to quench the flames. What did you THINK we meant by "exchange fluids," you filthy-minded degenerates?

LittleKuriboh Unabridged

Little Kuriboh at AOD 2014
With Martin Billany (aka Little Kuriboh) (Video Creator/Voice Actor).
Also categorized as Panels.

Join LittleKuriboh, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged and expert beard grower, in a live Q&A session. There's also video screenings and other malarkey!

Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Panel (18+)

Host, LittleKuriboh
With Martin Billany (aka Little Kuriboh) (Video Creator/Voice Actor).
Also categorized as Anime, AOD at Nite, Panels.

LittleKuriboh hosts a mature look into the makings of his fan based parody of a fan based parody. Will he become Third Hokage? Why is the Rower so amazing? Will the Abridged Movie ever be finished? Find out the answer to none of these questions right here!

Portrayal of Women and POCs in Media

With Marianne Miller (Voice Actor) & Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer).
Also categorized as Panels.

Join Marianne Miller in a discussion about the presence of women and POCs in video games, anime, and TV Shows. This panel focuses on the good examples of strong non-white/non-male character writing and explores specific ways we can focus on improving future roles.

Sketchfest with Noelle Stevenson

With Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer).
Also categorized as Panels.

Join Noelle Stevenson (aka Gingerhaze) for a two-hour request-driven doodle free-for-all... from superheroes to Lord of the Rings to wacky fandom mashups (and yes, POKEYMANS!), request and ye shall receive. Click here for some of last year's masterpieces.

Voice Duels with LittleKuriboh

With Martin Billany (aka Little Kuriboh) (Video Creator/Voice Actor).
Also categorized as Panels.

Fancy yourself an impressionist? It's voice versus voice! Take part in a live contest with LittleKuriboh as host as he pits you against a bevy of hopefuls in an attempt to out-voice the others!

Writing For Animation, Video Games, and Comics

With Ken Pontac (Writer) & Noelle Stevenson (Comic Artist and Writer).
Also categorized as Panels, Writing.

The infinite void of the empty page, the crushing deadlines, the ridiculous demands of the executives… does this sound like the life for you? Decide for yourself when cartoon veterans Ken Pontac and Noelle Stevenson  overcomes their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to relate their anus-clenching adventures in the bloody trenches of television, feature animation, and comics.

Just joking, kids, writing for animation , video games, and comics is FUN!