San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention!

January 25 & 26, 2014
Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco Airport


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2014 Registration

Attendee Registration
Register at the Convention! Online sales have ended, but at-door registration is still available.

Pre-Show Entertainment

Swap Meet
Friday night Swap Meet, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm!

Friday night Speedrunning demonstration, starting at 8:30pm!

Guests of Honor

Check out our amazing AOD 2014 Guests of Honor line-up! Each guest is a specialist in their field, with years of industry experience. They are hosting talks and meet-ups about their work, discussing topics past, present, and (where contractually possible) the future!

Cristina Vee

Madoka Magica, Skullgirls, League of Legends
Voice Actor

Starting out as an anime fan herself, today Cristina Vee is one of the most-recognized voice actresses in the dubbing community. Among her many roles, she is most well-known as Mio Akiyama in K-On!, Nanoha Takamachi from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series and more recently as Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. In addition to her voicing anime characters, Cristina's voice can also be heard in many video games, including Cerebella from Skullgirls (which she was also the voice director for), Noel Vermillion from the BlazBlue series and champion Riven the Exile in League of Legends. Ever a fan at heart, she still participates in various hobbies in her spare time, such as singing cover songs and posting them on her personal YouTube channel, ValliereVee, among other indie projects.

Ken Pontac

Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Happy Tree Friends

Ken Pontac has been a Migrant Film Worker in the animation industry for over a quarter of a century, writing and directing content for television, film, and various new-fangled thinking machines. In the past several years Pontac has written scripts and dialog for the Marvel Universe MMO, Sonic the Hedgehog’s “Lost World” game for Sega, a new animated series featuring the ghost gobbling Pac-Man, Disney’s animated action/adventure series Slugterra, an upcoming revival of the classic “Thunderbirds Are Go!” series, the charming pre-school show Octonauts, and the less-than-charming Internet sensation Happy Tree Friends (a show so violent that it's banned in Russia). He is also still receiving royalty checks for writing the LazyTown song "You Are A Pirate," which has become an Internet meme, enjoying millions of hits on YouTube and inspiring multiple mash-ups and drunken karaoke videos. Pontac lives in Sausalito with a beautiful redheaded nurse and his two crazy canines, Whistle the Wonder Dog and Little Mickey Blue Eyes.

Martin Billany a.k.a. LittleKuriboh

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series

Known more commonly by his online screen name, LittleKuriboh, Martin is most well-known for his online parody fan-series, Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series (often shortened to YGO: TAS), meant to be a parody poking fun at the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animation. His work has since spawned an entire genre of "abridged series" on the internet, with other fans now making abridged series of various other shows. Aside from writing all the scripts and producing the videos, LittleKuriboh is known for providing most of the voices for most of the characters in the show (sometimes with additional help from others). 

Melissa Hutchison

The Walking Dead, League of Legends
Voice Actor

Melissa Hutchison has been earning her keep as a Voice Over actress for almost a decade. A Bay Area Local since 1989, Melissa divides her work between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her resume includes a wide variety of work, ranging from TV and Radio commercials, to children's interactive toys, animation, and video games. Melissa's most current claim to fame is being the voice of Clementine, From Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. This role earned her a Spike TV VGA for best performance by a female, and a BAFTA nomination for best acting in a video game. 

Michael Sinterniklaas

The Venture Brothers
Voice Actor/Voice Director

Michael Sinterniklaas is the voice of many characters including Dean Venture in The Venture Brothers and Kenji Koiso in Summer Wars. He is also the voice director for Berserk, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, and A Cat in Paris. Currently, he is heading the dubbing for the Time of Eve: The Movie Kickstarter release.

Noelle Stevenson


Noelle Stevenson is an illustrator and comic artist, known among internet circles as Gingerhaze! She is the author of NIMONA, a twice-weekly Harvey-nominated webcomic that can be read at and is slated for publication by HarperCollins in 2015. Or you can find her on Tumblr at, drawing mostly superheroes in tight pants.

Tommy Yune

Creative Director at Harmony Gold USA

Tommy Yune has worked for over a decade in the comic book and video game industries. His early game development experience includes character design of the pioneering 3D fighting game FX Fighter for the Nintendo SuperFX chip and conceptual design of the award-winning Journeyman Project series. He also wrote and illustrated hit comic book titles such as Speed Racer, Racer X, Robotech, and Danger Girl: Kamikaze which were published by DC Comics' Wildstorm and Cliffhanger labels. His first work in feature animation was creating the computer-generated opening sequence of Kevin Altieri's Gen13.